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Minimizing downtime with quality parts and knowledgeable service

Mission Statement

Minimizing downtime with quality parts and knowledgeable service

About BC Sauder

Centrally located in Southern California, BC Sauder is dedicated to mobilizing parts that keep your operations up and running. With years of hands-on experience in the field, our team has extensive knowledge with the products that we sell, allowing us to provide exceptional service to each one of our customers. As a small business, we understand the importance of quality relationships with suppliers and clients and can streamline approvals without the need for complicated processes or excessive red tape. To stay current in the ever-changing industry, we prioritize continued education, workshops, and certifications so our team always remains current and up to date with the latest developments—and when you choose us for parts and machinery, you can be confident that you are getting quality products and the best service available.

Brian Byrne - President of BC Sauder

History of BC Sauder

Founded by William Sauder in 1999, BC Sauder primarily sold conveyor components. Bill came from a background in industrial sales. Through this job he gained valuable experience in the industry and started working in aggregates. The small independent aggregate company Bill was working for was soon bought by a nationwide company. They wanted Bill to go into a management position, but he was not interested. He then took his many years of experience in the aggregate and industrial industry and began BC Sauder.

Bill was also an innovator. Laws and regulations were passed to increase safety in the aggregate industry. This prompted Bill to develop his own patented protection guards for conveyors under the BC Sauder name. These well-designed guards are compliant with all OSHA safety standards.

Upon planning his retirement, Bill knew that this business that took care of his family for so long should be carried on. In 2019, BC Sauder became incorporated and now operates under the ownership of Brian Byrne. As a repair foreman with 15 years of hands-on experience in the industry, Brian has been able to expand products and services to our clients. His results driven mentality is what keeps our clients up and running.

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